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Breast lift

Have your breasts become pendulous or have they lost their shape after a pregnancy or substantial weight loss? Or have they lost their firmness due to ageing? If you feel uncomfortable about this, you can consider a breast lift. A breast lift is similar to a breast reduction only, in this case, no breast tissue will be removed. During this procedure, excess skin is cut away, the nipple is placed upwards, and the breast tissue is reshaped in a new form.

If you have small breasts, you can also get a breast augmentation at the same time. Another option is to do the breast lift first and the augmentation six months later. Most women are very satisfied with their breasts after the breast lift and refrain from having the breast augmentation after all.

  • Giving your breasts a new shape
  • Treatment plan based on your complaints
  • Our plastic surgeons are affiliated with the Dutch Societies for plastic surgery (NVPC and NVEPC)
  • Both male and female surgeons

Plastic surgeons

During the first consultation, you and the attending plastic surgeon will discuss the breast lift procedure. Our surgeons specialise in performing the breast lift procedure and we will guide you through the preparation, the treatment itself, and the aftercare.

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The first consultation

You and one of our plastic surgeons will discuss your wishes about the size and shape of your breasts and he or she will see whether your wishes for a breast lift are feasible. This indication is based on the current shape of your breasts, the elasticity of your skin, and the location of the nipples and areolas. The plastic surgeon will also explain more about the procedure itself, the policy before and after the surgery, and possible risks and complications.

The surgery

The breast lift will be performed under general anaesthesia and will take two to three hours. During this procedure, excess skin is cut away, the nipple is placed upwards, and the breast will be remodelled into its new form. The wounds are closed with very fine sutures which will dissolve, depending on the location of the sutures. It may also be necessary to leave a drain which will ensure that possible excess blood and fluids can exit the wound.

After the surgery

Your breasts may be bandaged with an extensive bandage or with just plasters on the wounds. In most cases, thin tubes will be used to drain off excess blood and fluids that have to exit the wound. These tubes are usually removed before you go home. Immediately after the surgery, you will be given some pain medication. The pain you will experience during the day(s) after the surgery is usually described as a kind of muscle pain which can normally be reduced with paracetamol.

The first day after the surgery, you will have to have sufficient rest, but after a day or two, you can resume light work activities or desk work. Naturally, you will have to treat the breast area and wounds with care during the first few weeks. We advise you to avoid heavy work, such as vacuuming and lifting, during the first six weeks.

The scars may first look somewhat inflamed or red. The redness will fade and they will take the colour of the skin and become less noticeable over the course of a year. Ultraviolet radiation is not good for scars, it may cause them to stay red for an unnecessarily long time. We advise you to apply sunblock on the scar area during the first months after the surgery.

You will have to wear a sports bra for six weeks after the surgery. The first three to four weeks, the bra must worn day and night, and just during the day for the remaining period.


Generally, the result of the breast lift can be predicted very well. It is, however, important that you make your wishes very clear to the attending plastic surgeon. Nevertheless, we cannot give a full guarantee on the aesthetic result. The scars you will have after the procedure will (more or less) become invisible.

Risks and compications

In some cases, you may experience the formation of keloids, which is the formation of excess connective tissue within the scars. Another result may be that the breast appears to be flatter after the surgery. This may be helped by placing an implant.

Make an appointment

For more information about the possibilities of a breast lift with Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen or to make an appointment, please contact us via telephone number 020 – 3055 847 or send an e-mail to You can reach us during office hours between 08:30 – 16:30 hours. 

Aesthetic Centre Jan van Goyen
Concertgebouwplein 11
1071 LL Amsterdam
Tel: 020 305 5847

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